Bunny Hill Confessions

If you have read FEBRUARY BREAK BOY QUOTES, consider this an addendum. The day after Bill closed the Bunny Hill chair lift for several minutes, I had my own episode on said hill. I have not skied since 2000 or before. With the boys on skis for the first time this year, well, I had to get back on, didn’t I? It came back pretty easily. So was I hot dogging on the Bunny Hill? I don’t think so; just skiing with confidence. And at the end of that confidence burst, down I went.

Having laughed at Bill for hours the day before, I had to get up before he saw me down. That’s when I learned I now have someone else’s arms. Mine could push a pole against the side of a mountain and pop up, just like my ski instructor (Bill) had taught me years ago. I was on my left side – aha! The weak side. I did the windshield wiper thing with my skis to roll to my right side. Unfortunately, my right arm is not my own either. I continued with the windshield wiper roll from side to side, desperately looking for an ounce of power in my chicken wings.

From above I heard, “We’re coming to help you, Mom!!!” My 8-year-old was calling out as he and Bill flew over me on the Bunny Hill chair lift. Well, between that and imagining what I looked like doing this windshield wiper thing, I fell into a laughing binge. Still, I needed to get up before they skied down to me. Bill loves to whip his skis and spray people with snow. He knew better than to do that on the big mountain, but here: I was Bunny Hill fodder.

Suddenly, it clicked. I can take my skis off and stand up!! I did. It worked. I was up by the time Bill and Will came to my rescue. I didn’t get it done before they saw me, but I didn’t need to be picked up off the side of the Bunny Hill.

The Bunny Hill score is now even.

P.S. I promised I would write this for Bunny Hill Bill.