February Break Boy Quotes

“You can’t judge a woman on her looks.” Liam after watching the Berenstain Bears Halloween episode: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Apparently the message stuck.

It’s been a week of Liam hovering three inches from my hip if I leave a room. “I can’t be by myself. Remember my bad dream? Skeletons…” Berenstain Bears Halloween episode.

“Look, Mom!” Liam is playing tonalization from piano lessons. On his toes. (We are in Vermont with no piano.)

“I just love being on vocation!” That’s just so darn cute none of us can tell Liam that it’s really “vacation.”

“Cool, we have the roll out bed!” At age 8, Will is not heavy enough to feel every spring and rod in the pull-out sofa.

“I never want to get off my skis!” Liam, after his first-ever ski lesson.

“Did you see me come straight down that hill?” Will, after his first-ever ski lesson, exiting the chair lift and zipping down the hill, leaving me at the top. He’s become one of those little guys on the slopes.

“I think I really hurt my knee…” Bill stated after the 45-second-long wipe out on the entrance to the bunny-hill chair lift – a scene leaving me laughing so hard I couldn’t stand up straight. After all, I am married to Alpine skier, Bill Malcolm, who regularly picks me up off the sides of mountains.

Happy Hump Day…