The Tooth Fairy

This will make more sense if you have already ready My Letter to Santa. It's Tooth Fairy week. And conversations continue about Christmas gifts. This week I've learned that in Will's class he is the only one without an iPod touch, and Liam knows kids at school younger than him who have an iPod touch. Oh my goodness, the looks cast as these facts were laid out... eeks. Like glass splinters.

Late last week, Will’s first molar fell out. He put it in an envelope. He’s not a fan of licking envelopes, so I suggested he could just tuck in the flap. He wanted it sealed; he braved it and licked it. The next morning, he had $5 in the envelope. I thought the Tooth Fairy was a bit generous, but this was the first double-tooth to be lost in our house. Will watched me closely as he showed me the Tooth Fairy had tucked in the envelope flap. I shrugged, not realizing until noon that this may have been a small accusation.

Over the weekend, Liam lost a tooth while eating an apple on a 2-hour car ride to Maine. I stuck it in a baggie that was first used for goldfish. Then I carried it around in my purse for two days until we remembered it needed to go under Liam’s pillow. I gave him an envelope, and he decided to write a note to the Tooth Fairy: “can I have a ipod touch?” I only said, “I don’t think she has ever brought you anything but money.”

The next morning I awoke very early and went in to check on the boys. The envelope was still there with the tooth in it!! I scurried out of their bedroom. Thinking Liam must be last on her route that night, I took an early shower to give the Tooth Fairy a clear path to that tooth.

Liam came downstairs with a bit of a snarl. “There’s a dollar in it, and she left a note: ‘Ask Santa.’ That’s what YOU said, Mom!”

“No… I said I didn’t think you should ask Santa for a gift that expensive.”

“Well, the Tooth Fairy lives with Santa, so she knows what to do.” I’m sure the Tooth Fairy was trying to help, but she obviously doesn’t know this little lawyer like I do.

Would you believe Will lost a molar last night? I handed him an envelope. He decided to try another tact, with mostly correct grammar. “Can I have an iPod touch? I will share it with my brother.”

Well, here I am up early again. I slipped into the boys’ room to check on them and saw the envelope sticking out from under the Will’s pillow, flap open. I had to see if there was an iPod touch there too. Using Will’s reading light, I first shined it on the envelope. I looked no further after seeing the words, “Not from me!” in the same handwriting as “Ask Santa” from two nights ago.

Whew. Maybe they do live together and Santa shared the conversation he had overheard before the Tooth Fairy made her third voyage to the Malcolm house this week.

Happy Hump Day.