Cub Scout Camp Highlights

The annual fall Cub Scout trip was last Saturday night. Since our tent is a tight fit for three, I went for the afternoon and evening but volunteered to sleep in my own bed at home. From the comfort of my mattress, cotton sheets, soft blanket, and comforter, I reflected back on events from that evening and past scout camping trips. Last year, Bill was in China for the fall camping trip, so I went on my own with the boys. Friends helped me set up the tent. At 3 a.m. it started to pour with rain -- there had only been a 10% chance of rain in the forecast. While Will was sound asleep at 6 a.m., Liam and I were wide awake listening to the rain pellets bounce onto our tent. "Mom, it's like we are in a giant popcorn popper!" We use the old-fashioned whirly-gig popper to make popcorn at home and the sound was just like the kernels hitting the lid as they popped open. We giggled as our imaginations swept us into that whirly-gig. Until we had to break down camp in the rain. Outside the popcorn popper.

This year, Will and Liam took halogen flashlights with them that they had gotten from Bill's family. Amazingly powerful, the beam lit up the very tops of the tall fir trees around the campfire. From behind me, Liam shone the light on my head. "Whoa, Mom, has grey hair!" I'm not due for a color correction for two more weeks. Were the grey threads sparkling like diamonds under the halogen microscopic light?

Will found a new walking stick and carved his initials and markings into it with his knife. He earned his whittling badge a couple years ago so could carry and use his pocketknife on the trip. Liam also wanted to whittle but hasn't earned his badge yet. Bill loaned him his Swiss army knife and sat next to him as he broke the Cub Scout rule. At dusk I asked Liam if he needed a light, "No, I'm good, Mom. I can see just fine." We need to work on that badge.

While hiking through the forest, Liam stepped in horse poop. Bill told him those were called "road apples." The boys found that term hilarious. The next day, Liam created a verb out of the noun, "Hey, I guess I'm pretty healthy! I road appled today!" Impressed with his grammar creativity but wish the topic was different.

Happy Hump Day!