On Friday, I nearly got to drive a CAT digger. After dropping the boys off at school, I came home, parked on the street, then watched as the digger maneuvered with amazing precision excavating our basement. The driver saw me, idled down the machine, and said, “Do you wanna come in?” with a hand motion toward him.

“YEAH!” I nodded wide-eyed as I dropped my purse and keys on the ground and headed toward the cab. How cool would it be to drive an International 1486 tractor and a CAT digger all in one week?

Then, I got the look. Like I was a crazy woman. “I meant do you want to get your car in...” The gleam in my eye was quickly extinguished with those words. No, I want to drive the digger. Then, the word “liability” was tossed around.

Later that day, after he had pushed and pulled the two gi-normous boulders to where I wanted them, I waved him down. “You know, I think those boulders would look better at the back of the lot. I don’t really like them here.”

“Awwww… are ya kiddin’ me?” There was anything but excitement in his eyes, and I got the crazy-woman look again.

"Yeah, I just don't think they look as good as I thought they would here."

"I don't know if I can get those over there..."

"I'm kidding.”


I nodded.

I think he's ready for the next big dig gig.

Happy Hump Day…