One's Creation... or a Chocolate Truffle Torte

During a guilty pleasure cookbook reading session, I found this quote from the Introduction of Terese Allen’s amazing (The) Ovens of Brittany Cookbook. “Cooking, like writing, is not wholly satisfying until one’s creation is shared, and hopefully, appreciated.”

Thank goodness she found those words, organized them just right, and put them on paper. I have been looking for that sentence for years!

Terese's recipes are journeys: tons of delicious prep time and many layers of decadence. I read Ovens more than I cook from it. And if I do make the Irish Potato Chowder, Chicken Pot Pie, or the decadent Chocolate Truffle Torte, it's for special occasions. As Terese describes it, "...Chocolate Truffle Torte takes some effort, so make it when there's something extra-special to celebrate. Or make it for someone who really deserves it. Like yourself."

But then... why wait for a milestone to "do it"? Whatever your creation, do it and share it. Make the torte, fry the big fish, go whole hog. The sooner the better.

Visit People to Know & Places to Go (under the big pink Avon Lady box to the right) for a sampling of some creative spirits I appreciate. They are doing it and they are sharing it.

Need a bigger kick, perhaps from an existential perspective? Try this: You are only here once.

So, what's your creation?  Or rather, do you have a fantastic torte recipe that would make the dessert world a better place?