Summer Puked in my Laundry Room

Without warning, summer puked in my laundry room. Fortunately, what’s in the laundry room doesn’t smell. Unfortunately, the un-confessed yogurt smoothie spill under a booster seat in the van still smells like a dairy barn on a hot, humid summer’s day. With cooler weather this week, we are in a mandatory windows-down-airing-out mode.

The mess in the laundry room happened last week as I was making space for the morning race back to school this week. Intuitively, that mother’s reflex kicked in, and I held out my hands to catch what summer was throwing. But two week’s worth of piled up vacation mail sifted through my fingers and splashed to the floor. And the remaining deluge followed.

But I steered it away from the mudroom floor and the morning launch pad. And out of the hallway. And I made sure it veered away from the kitchen counters. So what may visually appear to be a failure to the untrained eye is pure and simple… success.

It’s good to be back. Happy Friday.