Random Summer Thoughts

Hump Day isn’t always on Wednesday, particularly in the summertime. Headline: The picture of me on this website is outdated. (Click here for a look.) For the last six months, my hair has been straight. Only two obstinate curls remain on humid days. One in the middle of my forehead and one at my right temple. As long as I have these two curls, I’m keeping my website title “From cornfields to Korea through chemo to curls.”

Today I had a visit with my breast surgeon: I’m over 4 years out from diagnosis. That’s good. And my doctor is great. She’s a lovely person with skills far exceeding her surgical abilities. She too struggles with time limits on electronics in her house. She too gets exhausted from the negotiation. Today, I needed to hear that. Today, I would’ve paid a $100 co-pay to have someone be on my team with that one. I didn’t need her skills in the OR today. I needed another human to be on the same page with my crazy-ass summertime restrictions on electronics. Between my doctor and her nurse, today, my surgeon’s office was the place to be for hugs and thoughtful conversation.

My birthday was nearly three weeks ago, and my birthday cake woke up a sweet tooth. In turn, that brought this little motto about: “Life’s too short not to eat ice cream during New England summers.” I’m taste-testing every “birthday cake” flavored ice cream I come upon in little side-of-the-road ice cream stands.

I climbed up and down a local high school’s bleachers 26 times today. I want strong knees, flexible hips, and a healthy heart... and no birthday cake ice cream accumulation.

“Hey, Mom,” said Harrison apologetically at the beach during an unexpected evening stop for swimming in clothes and sand castle building. “I’m so sorry… I forgot to wear underwear today!!” And you are just noticing this at 9 p.m., dear child?

“Olivia, please change out of your pj’s so we can go out.” And with that, Olivia peeled off her pj’s revealing a full set of yesterday’s clothes underneath. A look, a shrug, and she was ready to go.

Happy Summer.