Next to the Bee

Swinging clubs since he was two, Will’s choice activity for his Forever Family Day was a family golf outing. What you get when you combine four bags of clubs, many balls, two carts, water holes, geese, and bees:

Two boys who generally hit straight, short balls down the fairway. One grown man who hits the ball with a great deal of strength – and a 50/50 chance of it veering off to another fairway.

And me. Generally, I play with three clubs, plus my putter. However, many worms lived through the day since Liam wanted to play every hole. I dedicated my course time to caddying and chauffeuring for Liam. (Pretty much like most other days now that I think about it…)

“I’m really liking this, Mom.” Liam declared as we zoomed down the fairway.

“I hit a goose!” Will, on the 3rd hole.

“When it’s my Forever Family Day, I’m making all of you play Wii. You too, Mom,” declared Liam. Then, “Ohhhh, I stepped in dog poop!” Goose poop.

On the 18th hole, teeing off over a pond. Will’s 1st ball: Plop. 2nd ball: Plop. “Just one more ball, Dad.” That “one more” sailed over the pond and onto the fairway. Loved the fist pumping and grinning on that shot.

Liam walking up to me with a golf ball: “I hit my ball into the trees, and I found it, but I saw a bee and then I dropped my club.” Searching for the club in thick pine needles, I asked, “Do you know about where you dropped your club?”

“Next to the bee.”

Happy Hump Day…