The Avon Walk - Update

I’m very excited that I have nearly reached my goal of $1,800 for the Avon Walk Boston!  I am hoping that a few more donations will put me over my goal by the end of the weekend.  If I make my goal by midnight Monday, I can participate in “Early Check-in” on-line – rather than going into Boston the Friday night before the walk.  The pink wig, below and to the right, is still ready and able!  Clicking on it will take you to my donations page on the Avon Walk site. My 8-mile walk last Friday was probably closer to 9 miles!  Lake Q is a half-mile longer around than I had thought.  From that long afternoon walk, I know what one of my biggest challenges will be: the heat.  Hopefully, the 19th & 20th will be cool walking mornings.  This morning I did 3.3 miles, picking up the pace a little bit, I finished it in 52 minutes rather than 60 minutes.

My feet are sore for the first mile or so when I walk.  I have a little “flashback” neuropathy going on, plus a little arthritic-like pain that is a side effect of the test drug that I’m taking.  However, with Advil and perseverance through that initial mile, it’s very manageable.  We went to Wingaersheek beach on Tuesday.  It was high tide when we arrived, and as the tide went out the sand bar appeared.  The water was only calf-deep so we trudged across 50 years (LOL… typo too funny to take out!  It was only 50 yards…) or so to make it to the sandbar.  The water was frigid.  First our legs were cold; then they hurt; then they were numb – and felt pretty good!  That pattern made me think of my walking feet, particularly when they’ve stretched out after that first mile.

I’m happy and shocked that I have made a 9-mile walk – and know that I need to kick it up a bit over the next four weeks:  More walks during the week, including back to back long walks in about three weeks.