Fruit in the Bathroom

(From May 30th...) Remember, Harrison and Olivia?

After a bad bout of constipation, Mom and Olivia had a discussion about the importance of fiber and how it helps food moving through the tummy. “Like strawberries, Mom?” Yes, she was getting it. “This won’t happen again if I eat lots of strawberries?” Well, it won’t happen as often.

A month later, Mom hears a scream. “Strawberries! I want strawberries!” Mom tears down the stairs to find Olivia wide-eyed on the toilet. “I need strawberries NOW!!”

Double dilemma: It’s a little late for the strawberries, and there are no strawberries in the house. Explaining the benefits of fiber taking hours to work through a tummy seemed useless. “We don’t have strawberries, but pears do the same thing!” Mom called truthfully from the kitchen as she peeled and chopped pears.

Mom sat on the edge of the tub and forked pieces into the little bird’s mouth then took a deep breath, “OK… that’s all there is.”

Mom and Olivia looked at each other, both wide-eyed, wondering what would happen next.

“Ahhhhhhh… thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome, honey.”


Happy Hump Day!