Meet Harrison and Olivia

Harrison and Olivia are preschoolers moving too quickly through childhood. They keep their parents hopping with their provacative stories, innocent conversations, and random actions. Harrison and Olivia are an amalgamation of all the little characters I have met or heard about while being Mom. You may see their stories occasionally running through this site.

Thanks to the many moms who have shared their adventures along the way, providing sanity and comfort in knowing our experiences aren’t solitary. You may see one of your cherubs in Harrison or Olivia.

Here’s a classic conversation between Mom and preschool boy Harrison, who is taking a shower.

Harrison, ripping open the shower curtain: “Whoa, Mom, what are THESE?!?!”

Mom: “Testicles.”

Harrison: “Where did they come from?”

Mom: “You’ve always had them.”

Harrison: “Will my brains come out here?”




Mom: “I hope not.”

Happy Hump Day…