Halfway done!

We just got home from MGH. I'm halfway through chemo! And I didn't have to stand on my head to get the port to work!

The next four sessions will be infusions of Taxol. I was told today that there is less likelihood of nausea with Taxol; no set nausea meds to take after the first infusion 12/11, only a boat load if I happen to experience nausea. Unsure of the side effects of Taxol, one friend on Taxol now said there was more achiness, but she's on her way to New York City tomorrow, so I don't think it has phased her to much.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, eventually. Watch for a longer story on Turkey and Fire. :) No damage, just a bit of excitement. It was made a true holiday by many. Our friends from New York City cooked and ate Thanksgiving dinner with us, complete with roasted chestnuts and the best stuffing ever. Friends near and far sent goodies and recipes for my friend Carol to make for us. Cranberry muffins, salad oil coffee cake, pumpkin muffins with cranberry & apple compote, banana chocolate chip muffns. Plus some English goodies to top it off, tucked around a Christmas cactus and a mum. And, we rounded out the week's meals with your gifts for "Fill the Freezer" with frozen food from Trader Joe's: a curry evening, lobster ravioli, pesto and tomato pizza, plus lots more goodies in the freezer. It felt like all of you were here.... and we cooked enough food that you easily could have been here and not gone hungry! Thank you!

Looking forward to a quiet weekend with my family.

Staying strong,