Granddad's Pre-Sermon Prayer

Another letter arrived from Grandma Mills last week. I read only “O Lord” and knew it was Granddad’s voice on paper. In addition to his beautiful prayers, my gut says he had a knack for writing.

According to Grandma, this is “Granddad’s prayer he used when he gave the sermon in church once.”

I think it could apply to just about any time, any day, not just on a Sunday morning in a small Methodist church.

With an OK from Grandma, I am sharing Granddad’s voice.

“O Lord, grant that each one who has to do with me today may be happier for it.

Let it be given me each hour today what I shall say, and grant me the wisdom of a loving heart that I may say the right thing rightly.

Help me to enter into the minds of everyone who talks with me and keep me alive to the feelings of each one present.

Give me a quick eye for little kindnesses that I may be ready in doing them and gracious in receiving them.

Give me quick perceptions of the feelings and the needs of others, and make me eager hearted in helping them.