(In response to friend's and family's support through commenting to my postings)

Last February, I reawakened a 25-year-old passion for writing and, in the last few months, I have found either straight-forward or round-about ways… big breath… to share what I write. While most of what I write is not in a nut shell, there are certainly times when I am left wordless.

I often read through the comments that some of you have left. They make me laugh; they make me think; they make me thankful. And some I can respond to and some I cannot. So this afternoon, I need to clear the air. You need to know that I read them all. You need to know that sometimes I stand up and walk away, speechless… wordless. You need to know that if there’s a lack of reply, my screen may be blurry, my keyboard may be wet, but I have a smile on my face.

Many times on this journey I have shed tears, but a minority of them have been over this crazy thing called cancer. In a world where the headlines are negative and where our knee-jerk reaction is sometimes cynical, I am left in awe: there is much kindness in the world. And that bowls me over regularly. More than breast cancer ever has.

Staying strong with occasional happy tears -> ;’’)