squirrel removal

Squirrel Numbers

This is the one farmer in our house who is responsible for coordinating squirrel removal:

The one child's winter snow shovel serves as protection against an angry squirrel attacking said-farmer's face, which is what happened to Chevy Chase.  The two hired trappers do not have this fear.  One trapper enjoys his job a little too much.  ("I smell something dead.  I'll follow my nose and see if I can find it...  Found it!  Come take a look!!")  I would much rather not.  But I needed to know where "it" was, so I did.

This is one of six.  As in one of six squirrels and also as in one of six hundred dollars spent on removal.

Here are two men tearing up Squirrel Avenue with the help of a simple machine: a rope, flung over an upper branch, tied onto the branch being cut, in order to guide it away from our neighbor's fence.

One man in his machine tearing up Squirrel Avenue.

The base of this one machine was the best... it looked like a giant grasshopper!  Squirrels should be scared.  Very, very scared.

At the end of the day, one new discovery: poison ivy all over the ground where the grasshopper sat.  This family of four is either very lucky or poison ivy resistant.

The farmer will soon be shifting from squirrel removal to poison ivy removal.

(In England, slugs may be more abundant than squirrels... An English Slug.)


Banner photo by Yigithan Bal from Pexels