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Frittata Friday: The Raw Reds

In an 8-week sugar cleanse a couple years ago, I mastered an egg dish that I now claim as my morning masterpiece.  Off-hand, I can’t think of any other dishes that I cook without a recipe which are as satisfying as this little humdinger. The frame of the recipe is five eggs beaten with a little salt, a little more pepper, and a good solid sprinkling of paprika.  Other necessary elements include vegetables for color and texture.  Then, before the final bit of magic under the broiler, capping the ensemble off with cheese.

I thought the eggy dish was a pretty omelet like Bill used to make when we first met.  After a bit of research on my methods, lo and behold, I’ve been making frittatas!  Me… frittatas!  Coming off of a big granola bar era, this frittata ranks as a gourmet breakfast to me.

With this solid hit of morning protein, I charge into the day more confidently, less light-headedly, and clearer in thought.  Perhaps the confidence comes from the early morning shake-of-the-pan veggie flipping.  No utensil needed.  Just a little butter.  And an open mind to some of veggies flying to the floor.

Today, I welcome you to Frittata Friday with my first ever self-authored recipe!

The Raw Reds Frittata


5 beaten eggs, seasoned with salt, pepper, and paprika

2 t. butter

1/2 large red bell pepper, chopped

1 spring onion, chopped

large handful of grape tomatoes

feta cheese, block or crumbles

Heat butter in a 10-inch skillet over medium heat.  Saute pepper and onion until slightly softened.  Add tomatoes and saute briefly just until skins start to wrinkle.

Spread vegetables evenly over the bottom of the pan.  Turn heat down to medium-low and slowly pour eggs into pan in a circular pattern, starting around the outside of the skillet and ending in the middle.

To prepare for the final stage of cooking, turn broiler on and make sure top rack is in the second position from the top.

Continue to slowly cook eggs on the stove and, with a spoon, occasionally scoop down in the center of the pan and lift the cooked bits up to let the runny bits get to the heat.  When only a little wobble is left on the top, sprinkle with desired amount of cheese and pop under the broiler.  Watch carefully until eggs meet your desired done-ness.  Remove skillet from broiler.  Serves two hungry adults.

Note: If you are cooking for one, try refrigerating half and reheating it in the microwave.

Safety note: Leave a potholder resting on the handle so you don't accidentally grab the handle to serve up your frittata.  (Surely I'm not the only one who will try this, right?)  Also, the potholders with neoprene rubber do not hold up well dealing with pans that have been under a broiler.