Hillbilly Joe

If you read Summer Dirt last week, you'll know that the Malcolm house is fully entrenched in summer. While Bill is buried in the World Cup games, Will and Liam are buried in dirt. A water hose & sprayer has thus far quickly curbed the "I'm bored" statements. It has been a beautiful thing -- until a necessary re-entry into civilization.

We needed to make a quick stop at a doctor's office last week. I interrupted this freshly-Liam-made lemonade moment with "grab a shirt, a book, and your shoes."

Movement ensued! A shirt went on. In the van, I could see Liam reading a book as I pulled out of the drive. Forty-five minutes later and after three other stationary drive-thru errands, I turned into the parking lot of the doctor's office. I glanced at Liam's feet and asked him where his shoes were. Glancing up from his book, "Do I need them?" Will said, "He didn't bring a book either," but he's reading a book. "That's mine."

There were no shoes or socks in the van. Not a single pair of soccer or baseball cleats. The only wardrobe pieces were two bras in the back that I'd yanked off the deck railing as I drove away from the house -- in case any one stopped by the house while we were away, I didn't want them to see my hand-washables drying.

Once parked, I saw a bench in the shade outside the office building. I shooed the boys to the bench. Liam skipped over the hot pavement with a book he had found under the seat. The V-neck of his shirt was in the back. "Hey, Hillbilly Joe, your shirt is on backwards, too!" He just giggled and said, "I guess I'm not very well prepared today!" Hillbilly Joe smiled at the mention of his new name.

I asked for a quick appointment explaining that I had a shoe-less hillbilly son waiting outside for me. The moms in the office laughed, and I received the fastest service ever. I found the boys on the bench where I had left them -- always a welcome sight in these situations.

I don't even want to know how many times this shirtless kid has pee-ed behind the barn since the snow melted.

(Do you remember Summer Dirt?)