Horse Haiku

Last Monday's March Haiku was pretty cool! A couple people came up with great haiku for the frosty tree picture. So, for you haiku seekers or horse lovers, how about one for this picture? I took this last spring while walking the gravel roads at Mom and Dad's. The picture reminds me of sitting with my great-grandma as a little girl, looking at pictures of horses and cows in the Wallace Farmer.

Like last week, share your haiku in the comments under the same picture on Linda Malcolm's Facebook. Remember, haiku are pretty straight forward: 17 syllables, in three lines of 5, 7, & 5 syllables.

Here's mine... April morn leaf buds Iowa Amish horses Strong. Curious. Still.

March Haiku

Are you up for haiku-ing? A little mental shake-up? An unusual exercise for the brain? This picture made me want to write a haiku. I haven't done that since middle school. In case you need a brush-up, haikus are 17 syllables long, written in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

Check out my haiku below the picture. If you come up with a haiku for this picture, add it as a comment under the same picture here on my Facebook page.

Go ahead... try it!

March morning glistens.
Winter sits on warm branches.
Spring night... winter gone.