Go to the Lobster Pool

If you need a taste of summer, I suggest going to the Lobster Pool.  Why? Sigh…

Eat a great dinner and watch thesunset from the Lobster Pool.  It sits on Folly’s Cove, which conveniently cuts into the land making it westward facing over the water.  Living in the Northeast, this is a gem.

Throw an old blanket in the trunk in case the picnic tables are full.  Bundle up for 10+ degrees cooler than inland.

Plan for lunch or dinner at an odd time, between 2 and 5 p.m., if waiting drives you a little buggy.

Order something off this lobster shack’s menu for you – lobster, steamers, mussel, or clams – as well as kid-friendly fare – burgers or chicken strips.

Grab a cup of chowder as an appetizer; ask to have it right away, before your main meal is ready.  With a smile, plea for extra crackers for the kids.

Ask if you can hold a lobster and have a family picture taken with it.

Find a table inside if it’s too blustery and cool to eat outside.  Then reserve it with your cooler or your blanket. Or Mom.

Climb on the boulders outside while you wait for your number to be called.  Take Band-aids.  Someone will trip on a rock and skin a knee or an elbow.

Make S'mores at dusk.  Roast marshmallows over the stovepipe stemming from the fire on the boulders along the ocean’s edge.  (S’mores are Friday – Sunday, weather permitting.) The early sunsets of spring and fall make staying up for the fire & S’mores easier on kids.  And adults.

Mmmm…  I just might see you there.


(Want to catch your own fish? Here's my attempt at deep-sea fishing: A Reel Hairy Tale.)

The First Signs of Fall

Mmmm.... fall.  Such a visually appealing season.  From mums and cabbages...

to ornamental peppers in pots...

and pre-jack-0-lanterns.

Then there are the new witchy treats... a pair of shoes...

and a sign clearly stating who is running the holiday show.

And nothing screams fall so clearly as cool days begging for crock pot meals...Well, in fact, that's  our grill screaming, "Go find your CROCK POT!!!"

Have a lovely fall weekend.