Linda Malcolm on Facebook

With the help of Wendy Sue, my web guru, I am bringing Linda Malcolm to the age – gulp – of social media. Today, meet Linda Malcolm on Facebook. This is the best place to leave comments to my blog posts. Your comments are funny, thought-provoking, surprising, and relatable…“I’m-not- the-only-one-this-happens-to?!” They need to be seen by more people than just me!

Facebook will also help me finish stories started on my blog. For instance, the afternoon of the Hump Day Short about Will and the hours he spends with the Children’s Dictionary, Liam came home with his first definition exercise. Honestly, the same day. After working with Liam on basic strategies of looking up words in the Children’s Dictionary, I was dying to tell you that a cow has four stomachs. However, I refuse to litter your in-box more than a couple times a week. But, I really – desperately – wanted you to know that a cow has four stomachs. Now, I can include P.S.’s like that on Facebook.

Anyway, borrowing a bit from Sally Fields – “You like me! Right now, you like me!” OK, her speech was within the context of confirmation while holding an Oscar; mine is in the context of… well, a directive. “Like” me on my new Facebook page. Please. Go here Linda Malcolm on Facebook and click "Like."

Nothing like begging for love.


Happy Hump Day.