Lobster Pool


Do you love a good sunset?  The Malcolms do. Although it’s arguable on Bill’s side of the family when that beautiful sunset actually occurs.  What part of it is the most spellbinding.

Years ago while vacationing with Bill’s family in Florida, we dropped towels on a beach just in time to watch the sunset.  The ball of fire was brilliant and we had to shield our eyes to look west.  We could only hazard a quick glance at it – the silhouette of which momentarily burned onto our retinas.  A rather painful endeavor.

The ball dropped behind the horizon as if a string from below gave it a final tug to make it disappear so quickly.  Then, the other four Malcolms started folding up there towels to leave the beach.  I sat anchored tight on mine looking at them in disbelief.  Sunset was just beginning!  They acquiesced, but I could tell for them it was like staring at the ball in Times Square after it had hit bottom.  Party over.

Ingredients for my perfect sunset: the sun, a wide horizon, and clouds in the sky.  Bonus: All of these, plus a body of water.  When that powerful, bright ball sinks and the range of pinks, oranges, reds, and purples are strewn over the massive cloud-canvas, changing in hue and darkening in richnes by the second...

This is sunset you can watch full-on.  Sometimes for more than an hour, until true dusk wins the battle.  As for the bonus of water, it doubles what you get from the sky.  Magnificent.

This is near the moment of the Malcolm family sunset... intense.

(This shot was taken by the owner of the Lobster Pool.)

This is my perfect sunset… calming.

(Taken over the Annisquam River, Gloucester, MA.)

Of course, whatever your definition of sunset, the beauty of Sunset is that it happens every day.


Perhaps, walk outside your door and see yours tonight.  Go here, plug in your zip code, and see what time the ball drops over your horizon.

Happy Hump Day…