Boston accent

Midwest Girl Goes Fish Shopping

... from a summer journal entry ... I was doing a special grocery shop for Bill’s sister and her family who are visiting from England. She had asked me to pick up some frozen cod that was already in a butter sauce. It would be a quick, easy meal for my nephew.

I couldn’t find cod in the frozen section of the local super market. I approached the fish counter. “I’m looking for frozen cod. Where would I find that?”

The look and the pause from the fish counter man was more saying than the words “Why would you want that?” uttered with his Boston accent.

Hmm... Exactly why am I standing ten miles from the Atlantic wondering where to find frozen cod?

“Well, maybe I’ll just take a big fillet, cut it up, and freeze it myself.”

The look. The pause. Followed by, “Why would you want to do that?”

I give. I’m buying a packet of Knorr’s Hollandaise sauce and a big ole fillet. Tonight everyone is having fresh cod brought in from the Atlantic this morning.

... end of journal entry ...

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