Tooth Fairy Follow-up

So, the Tooth Fairy left a $5 bill for the traumatic tooth loss. Will was greatly disappointed; his heart was set on a coin and it didn’t seem to matter that this $5 could be used to buy another Bakugan. After Will’s dejected announcement of no coin, I went up to make the bed and discovered a silver dollar in the crack between the mattress and the frame of the trundle bed. Whew! I called Will up and he pepped up with the knowledge that the Tooth Fairy had indeed brought a coin. A week later, Will lost another tooth; this time through natural causes. It fell out while he was eating a French fry at the Lobster Pool. We searched the ground and had nearly given up, when his aunt found the tooth. Learning from the first event, the Tooth Fairy left another coin. The next morning, Will was sad: She hadn’t made his secret wish come true. We then discussed the virtues and abilities and limitations of the Tooth Fairy. Perhaps she had left money for Will to put toward buying another Bakugan. She only works in cash; she doesn’t have a workshop like Santa. Does she?