Taming an Elephant

I’m traveling through my journals looking for a story to polish and post today. That’s my usual pattern.

It’s not working. I’m distracted.

Until 4 a.m. this morning, I was trying to tame an elephant so we could keep it as a family pet. It understood my words. I got it to sit back on its rear legs with the bribe of a run through the sprinkler if it did what I asked. It was going well until Bill pissed it off. Then it turned into a cartoon elephant, flipped upside-down, and pounded my cartoon family with its head. Disturbing.

Ahhhh… just this minute I worked out where the elephant came from: we had friends over for dinner last night, and we talked about elephants being afraid of mice! Enter the elephant into my dream.

I’m pretty sure the house is my elephant. I can’t tame it all at once or even one bite at a time.

So this is it. I’m out of words for the day. And, again, I will be out of the house for most of the day, giving the elephant more time to grow even bigger.

But starting tonight, like every Friday night, I will be nibbling away at it right through the weekend.