Spring 2011 Boy Quotes

Up until last spring, I did a pretty good job of occasionally recording moments and quotes from the boys.  I haven't been as attentive to that in the last year. Probably because we've added gymnastics, scouts, trumpet, and piano to the weekly rotation.  I spend more time driving and listening to the gems than I do writing them down.  This week I found some old ones from last spring.


... journal entry from May 2011...


Will is a dedicated Diary of a Wimpy Kid reader and now a writer and a cartoonist.  Shopping for a journal, he first picked out a leather-looking journal.  Then he saw another red, material-covered hardback and changed his mind.  “Mom, this one is a little cheaper and it looks more like a New York Times best-seller.”


“No editing of this one, Mom.  I’m writing it perfectly, ready to be published.”  What’s the title?  “Diary of a Non-Wimpy Kid.”


“Mom, you are such a good writer.”  “Thank you!” I replied, wondering what he had read of mine.  “You never make mistakes.”  “I make mistakes all the time!”  “But even though you have cross-outs, I love your cursive writing.”


Liam, killer one-liners:


With his arm overhead, looking at his pit:  “Mom, is this my army pit?”


“Where are my hippos?”  Those would be hips.


A recent I-love-you-more game:  Me: “I love you all the way to Princess Peach’s castle.”  “Mom, I love you all the way to Mars and back with the sunshine on your face.”


In the bathroom getting ready for bed: “Oh, I peed in the eye!”  Me: “WHAT?  You peed in your eye???”  “No, the toilet’s eye.”  Three nights running, I still come running when he hits the target and makes the announcement.


... end of entry...