Short request

Dear God, It’s Linda. Today remind me that my short temper and headache have nothing to do with the environments I move through nor the people that cross my path, but rather is totally attributed to the night sweats at 3 a.m., which are attributed to my skipping the pharmacy run to pick-up my anti-hot flash/night sweat medicine.

So when my personal GPS is going in the back seat – Liam: At the end of the road turn right. From the middle of the road turn left. Am I driving you crazy, Mom? Am I steering you crazy, Mom? (giggle) Am I giving you a headache, Mom? – please lash my tongue and remind me that the headache is from lack of sleep, from skipping an errand. Definitely not from the cute GPS droid.

Pull the sides of my mouth upward… pull my feet one step in front of the other… get me to and through bedtime.

Thanks… Linda

P.S. Thanks to for the chair that dumped me while working in the school office today. Slow motion falling so very ungracefully then laughing hysterically in front of people I hardly know was good medicine for the day.