We Believe

Will’s school issued iPads to all students, so occasionally I get an email from him during the day. Last week… Will: “I forgot my pencil case! The only place I will get in trouble is religion.” Me: “Why religion?” Will: “I need red and black pens.” Me: “Do you have your colored pencils? If so, use a red one and a black one for religion. If not, ask someone if you can borrow pens.” Will: “Thanks!”

This week was more complicated.

The email from Will read, “I forgot we believe for religion.”

Well, we haven’t been going to church for a while. We joined one church when we moved here 10 years ago but have since occasionally been attending another church. Mild panic. Was Will the only kid who couldn’t readily identify his religion?

I sent an email specifying what religion we are and where we have been going to church. To which, there was no reply.

While Skyping Mom that evening, I mentioned to her the dilemma Will had had at school. Will was eavesdropping and immediately corrected me. “Mom, I know our religion! I forgot my book for religion!”

“There was no mention of a book in the email.”

It was a disjointed email because Will had omitted the word “what.” However, I was able to read between the lines: “I forgot what we believe for religion.” Where would book fit in here?

“Look, Mom... I said, ‘I forgot we believe for religion.’” He showed me the book.

We Believe logo"Cap-it-al-i-za-tion, Will! Grammar is EVERYTHING!"

I would like to give the same message to the graphic artists who designed the book cover.