Waiting for a Story

It’s one of those days.  I’ve started five stories and can’t finish a single one as a Hump Day Short.  One is kind of funny but going to be too long.  One is too emotional.  One I can’t find words to describe.  So, I’m beckoning you… help. Across the river from the house on the Annisquam in Gloucester lies a simple island with several houses of similar design.  It’s a private island and, we were told, it has no electricity and no indoor plumbing.  In the evening, lanterns moving through the house resemble the glow from within Amish houses.  A few small boats are tied up at the wooden dock throughout the week.  On the weekends, kids run and play on the sand flats when the tide is out.  Although less than 100 yards away, my boys never met up to play with them as their privacy was protected by the deep river channel.

It's a setting ripe for a story.  Now we need a plot and the details.  Don’t be shy.

Scroll down.  Pretend “Leave a Comment” really reads “Next Paragraph” and add to the story.

Can the Great Hump Day Diversion be built in a day?  A week?