The Red Rain Coat

I’m heading off the grid for a couple weeks. And taking the family with me. The three of them will probably find a way to stay connected to the dish in the sky, but I’m going to do my best to remain unplugged. Last Sunday, I went Amazon shopping for travel gear. All four of us need rain coats and rain pants. And rain boots. Or, Wellies, as they are called in Bill’s home country. We will be with Bill’s family hiking in Wales for five days next week; then the following week, the four of us will be living on a small narrowboat on the canals near Stratford-on-Avon. (Think basic RV stretched out to 48 feet.) Bill is grimacing: We’ve planned two weeks of outdoor summer vacations in the UK. Hence, the rain gear.

I’ll turn 50 on the narrowboat. When I planned the trip in March, I envisioned sky blue days, sitting on the aft or fore decks, floating down the canal. Hopping out of the boat at the locks to hand crank the gates open. Pushing the gates open to let the boat pass after the water is equal levels on either side of the gate. My American husband, born in the English gloom, has painted the very real potential of gray skies, four of us cramped inside a little boat, tied up on the side of the canal in a downpour, hands slipping on the cranks, and rubber Wellies skidding in the mud as we try to push the gates open.

Even if it is pouring with rain, I will be as dry and bright as can be.

So will Bill. I bought yellow for him. The only option for the boys’ high quality rain-gear, with a week advance notice, was black.

It will be a memorable 50th birthday, and there will certainly be story-worthy moments.

Hoping to fill the story hopper before I go, with a little advance planning and a little magical help of the internet.

Because I am going off the grid.

Happy Hump Day.