Shadows in the Bathroom

Swinging through the hallway to go to the basement, I caught a glance of strange shadows in the bathroom. The light was off and the afternoon light coming through the window was mottled. I stopped and said, "Liam?" To which there was no answer. I looked closer. I was sure he was in there. I approached the shadows. Headless Halloween story characters popped into my head. The Headless Horseman. But what I was seeing... just legs standing by the toilet. With the light on, it was clear my son had NOT left his legs in the bathroom. Only his sweatpants and boots... and a trail of other garments.

Obviously, the whole bottom half of his wardrobe was not agreeing with him this day.

Please, forward this to another mom or dad who just might need it. :)

Happy Hump Day!

(P.S.: Have you met my Hillbilly Joe?)