Riding the September Self-Worth Rocket

That shift in the patter from summer to fall has finally settled a bit. When the kids start school, I think, “Ahhh…” Then, I’m jerked by some unseen force between coordinating gymnastics practice, band lessons, scout meetings, and – just for kicks – fixing computers. Bill traveled to England a couple weeks ago for his brother-in-law’s 50th birthday party. That weekend the boys had multiple events both days. In passing, I saw an email from my mom, saw a missed phone call from my dad, heard a voice message from my dad, saw on my phone that my mom had Skyped me, then finally an email from my mom: “Are you OK?”

Yes. However, I am strapped to a September rocket that is spiraling out of control. Even sleep is interrupted with kids’ bad dreams and sore stomachs. I’ve used those sleepless nights to quietly pretend I’m an IT goddess and fix computers.

In early September while waiting for the kids to get out of school, another mom wisely said, “Ah, yes, I made a mental note last year: Life is crazy through September, but by October all the schedules are in place – things settle down.”

Yes. The carpools are now down pat. Will’s gymnastics practices are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The school lunch bags have a rhythm. Doing a load of uniform clothes on Wednesday will get us through to the weekend.

Liam’s Gymja Warrior (America Ninja Warrior-style) classes are on the calendar. Boy scouts always meet Tuesday evenings. Cub Scouts always meet Thursday evenings.

Doctor appointments are best made right after school Tuesdays for one kid and Wednesdays for another. Drum lessons are Thursdays after school.

Then, Friday evening we circle the wagons around and collect our shattered selves until Saturday morning Robotics class, followed by trumpet and guitar lessons. Yes, we are on a steady patter now.

Liam recently asked me if I made any money. I told him I hoped to some day with my writing. In the meantime, I pulled up this visual from www.salary.com denoting mothers’ “virtual” salaries in 2013.

Moms who work outside of the house, check out your virtual salary.

I don’t accept VISA or Mastercard. But a hug and an “I love you” and a “thank you” are highly valued in my book.

Linda Malcolm, the writer, hopes to maintain a steady course with September out of the way.

Happy Hump Day.