Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, decisions, decisions. That’s what the beautiful spring weather has brought to the Malcolm house. The night before a meeting with our builder, we were left with the decision of fireplace design.

After a brief discussion with Bill about the questions that our builder posed, I went to bed that night worrying about placement of the seated hearth and how much space to lose with pulling the fireplace into the room to allow for built-ins on either side of it. Then I went on to what kind of stone it would be. That must have been when I feel asleep because the next morning I woke up feeling – and looking – like I had slept in the boys’ rock tumbler.

When I reached the dining room, I saw a new LEGOS construction on the corner of the table where my computer goes. I can’t confine these crazy pieces to any one room, as much as I try. I was about to whip it into a LEGO box when that familiar little voice stopped me, “Oh, it might be the beginning of the Death Star.” I scooted it aside and made room for my computer.

Enter Bill with a victorious smile on his face. “Did you see my fireplace?” I hadn’t seen a drawing other than the one he sketched the night before. “This one!"

Yes, after I went to bed in my tumbler, Bill opened a bottle of wine and got out the LEGOs.

And this is the fireplace model is that we showed to the builder that morning.

Here’s to opposites that still attract…

(At the end of the summer, the real thing beared an amazing resemblance to the LEGO model.  Have a look in Summer Numbers.)