Beauty Tips

It may or may not surprise you that I do not read the “beauty tips” sections in magazines.  I’ve accepted the adjective ruddy to describe my natural complexion. I use a day moisturizing cream called “age-defying.”  Because I choose to believe the title.

Before I garden, I may or may not throw on some sunscreen.  My Vitamin D runs a little low nowadays, so sometimes I want an uninterrupted one to two hour hit.  I love seeing my freckles pop out from my ruddy complexion after a Vitamin D session.  I think I look a little feisty.  Beware a redhead with freckles.

When my eyelashes grew back after chemo, they stuck straight out, reminding me of a pointer dog.  After reading about this phenomenon in a blog post back then called Hair Moments, my neighbor appeared at my door extending an eyelash curler to me.  It has been one of the best beauty tips, most thoughtful gifts, and most hideous torture tools I've ever received.  And I think of her fondly for 16 seconds every morning as I give each set of eyelashes a firm upward 8-second grip.

In that same post, I referenced the re-appearance of my post-chemo eyebrows in a much lighter tone.  Five years later, they are still light, so I rely on an eyebrow pencil to give them color.  Some women won’t leave home without a splash of lipstick.  I won’t leave home without eyebrow color.  Every day.  And, because it’s every day, the application isn't always consistent.  Some days I see Grandma Murphy’s un-symmetrical brows appear.  The only recovery from this is to completely cleanse the brow palate and pull focus to re-apply.

Until our spring break trip, I varied the darkness of the eyebrow color application.  Perhaps a little lighter during the day, maybe adding more color for evening.  Or when I am fairly freckled, adding a bit more color thinking my face can hold it.  Getting ready to go out for dinner one night in St. Martin, Liam was nearby as I added color to my eyebrows.

“Do you do that so you look meaner, Mom?”

So in my effort to look striking, I look like I’m about to strike.  More eyebrow color must make the “Mom look” more intense.  Not my intent.

We added this to the list of "things-you-never-say-to-a-girl."  And, I go easier on the pressure of the pencil.

My beauty tips come from unconventional situations and memorable people.