an early start

t It's 4:47 a.m.  I just deleted nearly a half hour of writing.  Whatever I hit, erased my page and left me with the above "t."  When does one remember to save work along the way?  There is no apparent "undo" button on this program.  I was just thinking how well I was doing to write directly onto my blog and to skip the Word doc phase.  I have now hit "save draft."

At 4:19 I escaped that contortion called sleep.  With a head firmly nestled at the nape of my neck and a butt in my gut, I popped out of the sandwich like a chunk of strawberry preserve wedged on the edge of a PBJ.

I have been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  For the third time.  I haven't unpacked my unread books, so I borrowed one from the boys.  The little boys.  The big boy hasn't held a paper book since I gifted him an electronic reader thing.  I'm to the point where Hermione Granger has her arm stretched to the stars wanting to answer a question in Snape's class.  Apparently, I too tried to answer the question most of the night.  My arm was numb and stuck up when I awoke.

At 4:28 I brewed a cup of coffee with my Keurig brewer.  Without placing a cup under the dispenser.  I was mystified that I could forget this.  And even more mystified that I couldn't remember which cupboard I designated for mugs.  Ah yes, across the kitchen from the brewer.  Not to worry, the drip tray will hold a full cup of coffee.  I've tested it before.

This, I believe, is where Hump Day originated.  Some days the mid-week hump is bigger than others.  Thankfully, today, it's just a series of funny little humps that will be forgotten by the time I push "publish" ... or accidently hit "delete."  Again.

Happy Hump Day...