A Can of Worms

We have passed the demolition stage and are now in full excavation mode at our house with The Beginning of a Fireplace.  It’s taken several years to put this plan in motion, but it’s finally happening. Our hesitancy in jumping into this fireplace project stems from a leaky faucet.

The bathroom faucet started to leak while we had guests visiting one summer.

A few weeks later, we found a new faucet and Bill set out to install it.

But the old faucet was solidly glued onto the pink sink.

The only way to get the faucet out was to take the sink out.

But the sink was firmly glued to the tiled vanity top.

The tiles in the vanity top broke when the sink came out.

With a new faucet, the same pink sink (no, we weren't lucky enough for THAT to break), a new tiled countertop, and a new backsplash, we had functional a bathroom sink -- four months later.

We are all too familiar with the can-of-worms theory.