Glamour Aside

Outdoors is an equalizer.  If you do the outdoors, your body sweats and your hair is a mess.  This is Smuggler’s Notch, not Vail.  These are outdoor families and people that feel real. I like places like this and people who are comfortable being like this.  Dog walkers in Breakheart; bare-boaters sailing independently & living on a boat; scuba divers vacationing to dive all day & night; skiers on green runs; snow shoe-ers descending a mountain in the dark.

This is my outdoors persona this week:

I liken my look to Olympic “shredders” – even though I’m gliding my skis on gentle greens.  I know.  I’m taking extreme liberties in borrowing that term.  I’m 47.  I don’t snowboard.  But I do like pulling off the balaclava and knowing that massive hat head is OK here.

Much like Spring’s Gate Girl.