Floor Findings

In lieu of the summer CSA and farmer's market, the farm stand that stays open year-round has reeled me in. I can drop the boys off for an afterschool activity and run over for a quick produce, fresh meat, and bakery buy. And now, daffodils and tulips -- cheap. The tiny but mighty floral section forms an L leading to the apples. With three bunches of daffodils in my cart, and Wordsworth's poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Could" all jumbled in my head, my glance to the floor stops the magic. That can't be what I think it is... it is. At that exact necessary moment an employee appeared in front of me to straighten apples. He missed stepping on it by a foot. "If you look down at the floor, do you think those are really teeth?"

"Ohhhh... Yeah."

"That's what I thought. I'm just going to keep shopping and let you, the lucky employee, deal with that." And I wanted to see how he would deal with that.

The worst partial I'd ever seen. Honestly, I looked around for hidden cameras thinkng it must have been planted. Three ugly teeth protuded from a fake pink gum. The employee whisked it away in a plastic bag. I'm still wondering: lost & found or the first garbage can he could find?

Loving my daffs but having flashbacks of a wet partial on the floor...