The Hills Are Alive...

…with the sound of heavy breathing. If you enter Breakheart Reservation at the NE Voc School and take the path to the right, you may hear it. As you work your way up and down the hills, you might see leaves on the trees move back and forth when there appears to be no wind.

If you see a glowing in the distance, a red round moving object, that is probably my face going uphill. The noise you hear is me sucking in huge amounts of air making the leaves move to and fro.

Don’t worry, on the downside of the hills, I regain the ability to breathe rather normally.  But I’m sure my face stays red.

To walk 26 miles in the Avon Walk Boston over two days – May 19th & 20th, I need to raise $1,800.

Please move down the page a bit then click on my pink wig to the right (my walking cheeks are a deeper shade of red than the wig…) and help me reach my goal. Or, if you prefer to donate by check, email me at and I will send you a coupon.

Thanks SO VERY MUCH to those of you who have already donated!

The Avon Lady (aka: Linda)