*Cornfields to Codfish* News!

Cornfields to Codfish is now in the design phase at the publishing company!

I’ve received the first draft in a pdf file with the manuscript laid out as a book.  A book!  The copy is currently being proofread by a professional proofreading company that I found on-line.  Coincidentally, the proofreading company is located in Iowa and most of the proofreaders have a PhD in English or an MFA in Creative Writing – many from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, a prestigious writing program at the University of Iowa.  In addition to positive online reviews of the company, I admit that I was lured a bit into the contract by their location. 

When the copy comes back from the proofreader, I will need to make line by line changes to the draft that the publishing company sent to me.  I’m teetering on an emotional fence that separates exhilarating and terrifying.  This is the last go around for changes.  I do feel better having pulled in professional perfectionists to help with this final stage.  As I don’t get paid for my perfectionist tendencies, I’m only an amateur.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been pulling to the frontal lobe old marketing theory from my days as a business major at Luther College – and weaving that into modern day online marketing strategies.  Later this month, I will be launching a marketing campaign to promote the launch of Cornfields to Codfish.  I have some ideas simmering away on how to spread goodwill for my book before the actual launch; I will share those with you as the plan comes together. 

An aside: I had considered having a local book launch party, but it felt a bit hollow as so many of you are scattered near and far.  By having a “virtual launch,” it doesn’t matter where you live – we can celebrate together as this adventure unfolds!  We’ve been in this together for a very long time, and I have no words to fully convey my gratitude.  A few tears, but no words beyond “thank you.”

I’m confident that Cornfields to Codfish will be on the market in time for holiday shopping!  While I don’t have a definite date, I believe a November book launch is doable.  My intent is to have autographed copies available to purchase through my website for a limited time – logistically, until mid-December so that copies that I personally ship arrive in plenty of time for the holidays.  Un-autographed copies will be available by ordering through small book retailers as well as large online sellers.  Being an “Indie Author,” I have a soft spot in my heart for “Indie Booksellers.”  Where time and access allow, I hope readers order copies through their local bookstores.

The timing of publishing Cornfields to Codfish feels right: Iowa cornfields are turning gold; farm stands and orchards in Massachusetts are rich with pumpkins and apples – it’s time to harvest and glean all that’s good from a long growing period.