Weather in Iowa and Angels on a Pin Head

This journey is much like the weather in Iowa: wait five minutes and it will change! Consequently, with each decision made, I'm waiting about four days to see if the plan stays in place before I share any "news." (My method reminds me of the delay television stations have in case something needs to be bleeped out.)

For instance, my lymph node (the only one which was cancerous) didn't actually "burst" -- there was a tiny, tiny leak. And yes it took a while to get to this conclusion. Although I won't start radiation until after chemo, I had a consult with my radiation doctor on Friday. He assured me that there would be no direct radiation to that site under my arm, only to the breast itself. Ahhhh....

The radiation doctor also left me with this great visual: I'm pretty much cancer free right now. According to him, to count the cancer cells in my body would be like "counting the angels dancing on a pinhead." And THAT -- regardless of what any other medical professional will say on this journey -- is the vision I'm allowing to dance in my head!