Warm Peas in a Pod

After the hour-long struggle of getting the boys to sleep in their own beds, both were in my bed asleep at 9:30 last night. Will cannot stand the sound of the heating going on. The bang, crash, wallop as the water creaks through the baseboard. He was in tears over the clanking. Every time I went into his room it stopped. “It doesn’t do it when you come in.” Finally, at 9:18, I heard another wail, pure misery. I called out to Will, “Come talk to me.” With that I heard two sets of feet scramble down the wood floor hallway. Will came to my side in tears, “I really can’t take it, Mom.” “Get in,” I said. Will scrambled in from the other side and tucked up next to me. “Yeah, Mom. Ahhh, I’m scared too.” My thought, “Liam Malcolm you are not scared. You are riding on your brother’s coattails. My voice, “Get in.” Liam bolted for the other side and lay down next to his brother. Instant calm. Both of them went to sleep in five minutes, side by side, no poking, no fighting – making me rethink bunk beds and putting the boys in one room to keep each other company. I asked Will about that idea this morning, wondering out loud if it would work. “Of course it would, Mom. We’re brothers; we love each other.” Do they get lessons in pulling heart strings before they become our blessings?