The News

This is the kind of conversation to be had in person but we are in full swing of summer – playing outside, golfing, biking, going to the beach, and splashing in the rain puddles. My "private phone time" is pretty much limited to 1/2 hour between when the boys go to bed and when I go to bed. So I apologize for emailing this news...

I have been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. On Tuesday, August 11th, I will have surgery, a lumpectomy, to remove two smallish tumors and 8 – 12 lymph nodes, as it appears to have just gone to a couple lymph nodes.

We are taking this moment by moment and feel blessed with the doctor we've found and with the friends and family we have. My doctor's first words were "it's treatable and it's curable." After pathologic results, we'll make a plan for further treatment for this fall, which will include chemo and radiation.

The boys will be in school full-time and friends have flooded us with offers to help. It feels a lot like what I remember from growing up in Iowa – “neighbors” that come out of the woodwork when you need them most.

We will have our tough moments, but we are strong and we will get through this. We are living in the moment and enjoying every moment. This is a part of our lives now, but it is not ALL of our lives. We haven’t lost our sense of humor – thank God He gave us each a big dose of that! So, I am still Linda, the same ole me, with an added issue. :)

Whether you are a pray-er or a good vibes kind of person, send either or both our way!

Staying strong,