Pet Scan Normal

This is a big one. When I found out I had cancer, my first thought was ‘is it any where else?’ To that, the chemo doctor said, “I can help you.” Boom. PET scan ordered. Radioactive one day. Results in. Immediate relief.

By the way, the radioactive day kept Bill and me in stitches with radioactive jokes…most related in some strange way to James Bond. Even with the new material, Bill couldn’t resist capping off the night with his standard “what’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison?” :) (For those of you who haven’t known Bill for 20years, the answer is: you can wash your hands in a “basin.”)

The coming week is filled with assorted appointments, including a second opinion at Mass. General in Boston on the chemo/radiation treatment. I feel completely confident in my local medical team but have decided to have a second opinion so as not to second-guess the decision in the future.

We had chemo class last week. The only big surprise was for Bill. Karen, the chemo teacher, has a “bauble” rule. It’s governed by the color of the chemo drugs. Mine will be clear, red, and another clear. According to Karen, that translates to a diamond, a ruby and another diamond. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’m not into jewels, nor that the one precious piece of jewelry I already own has diamonds and rubies, AND that it was a gift from Bill 17 years ago! (Many of you witnessed that “gift giving” ceremony in Iowa and celebrated with us in Illinois…) Anyway I didn’t say anything because she was really holding Bill’s feet to the fire… she was quick-witted and Bill didn’t go in prepared to match wits with a chemo teacher!

Within the next month or so, you will be getting an email from a website that I’m setting up called “lotsahelpinghands.” I believe the subject line will include “LHH.” It will be a central location for family and friends to access notes from me and will eliminate my management, or lack thereof, of email address lists. Locally, it will also let people know how they can help out in the coming months.

Know that we’re staying strong and staying in the moment. Yesterday’s moment from Liam: “Mom, it’s raining in the bathroom!” And it was, a stream from the ceiling, but that’s a whole other story… ;)

Much love,