Going Strong

I'm slow at getting information out this week... icing a breast and arm pit and elevating an arm in between runs to and from school and an occasional coffee with a friend... perhaps too much information, but know that I'm going strong!! ;)

The pathological report was good: Only ONE lymph node was affected! Yes, that left me dancing and jumping around in the kitchen. She removed 8 total (and I'm feeling the numbness/achy weird feeling from that part of the surgery.) Unfortunately that one BURST, so I will have to have radiation to that area after chemo. Had it not burst, I would have only had to have radiation to the breast area.

Didn't get clean margins on the tumor excision, so I will go in again for a shorter surgery to finish that little job -- next Tuesday the 25th.

Brain surgeon -- OMG that typo is so funny I have to leave it there... (Obviously, when I get to this part of the day I'm ready for a little rest.) BREAST surgeon & chemo doctor have verified that it is Stage IIa -- that's one level above Stage I, the earliest stage of cancer.

Met with chemo doc yesterday for an overload of information and set up many tests, screenings, etc. for the coming weeks in prep. for chemo in the fall.


Much love, Linda