Day One Done!

only seven more to go...

I had described this journey toward chemo as a 777 in a holding pattern, after having flown from Chicago to Hong Kong. Well it finally landed and is still pretty powerful!

I went in to MGH to start chemo with a bit of a sinus heachache and came out with a bit of a sinus headache... After a three hour infusion, I feel like me! I have six different nausea meds to take, some I definitely take every morning for a couple days, others are back-ups.

So, tomorrow (Saturday) morning we are heading up to Sunday River to meet another family. Just a quick overnight -- looking forward to seeing the leaves -- they should be beautiful in the mountains.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers, cards, vibes, calls, coffees, emails, food... your help. You have created the most incredible extended family for us through your kindness. I hope to stumble upon or even create new words for these two, but for now, it's all I have. Thank you...

And now, my Scarlet fever boy Liam is healthy; however Bill has a cold. So I've chosen the healthiest person and the one who kicks the least in his sleep to snuggle up with tonight: Liam, already fast asleep next to me. (This is a record: we now have all four Malcolms on antibiotics in our house...)

Good night and I hope all of you are healthy and enjoy this fall weekend!

Staying strong, :) Linda