Day 8: Hermit in House

We no longer have a kitchen table. I’ve moved it to the toy room and set up the game table on it for the boys – the game table is a gift from last Christmas that has never really had a home, other than lodged against a wall. There’s this thing called “dining room table” that I’m going to try to implement in daily living.

Bill and I are having our anniversary dinner tonight while the boys have a little Halloween party with Liam’s teacher. :) Since I’ve moved the kitchen table, now I need to find the dining room table as well as a couple candles. The dining room table is currently serving as a flat storage unit… (Don’t worry Bill, there are still bar stools at the kitchen island…if it’s still a storage unit when you get home… :)

Funny, nearly everything on the dining room table is just sitting there waiting to leave the house: old toys, old flowers, old party favors. But, there is one gem on the table: Will came home Tuesday with a plan. He needed supplies – instantly of course – two pieces of paper, green markers, tape and his musical card that sings “I Like to Move It, Move It.” A half hour later the musical card had morphed into a card for me. The musical version was neatly tucked and taped inside the handmade card that included pictures of all of us. “Mom, how to you spell ‘Nice job at chemo’”?? :)