Capturing Christmas Week in Quotes

While snuggling with Will and wearing my now infamous red Noddy hat, Will looks at me. I expect an “I love you,” but it is Christmas week. “You look like an elf!”

I’m dressed up in my bling and my wig, ready to go to a party, Will says, “You look great, Mom! No one’s even going to know you’re bald!”

Giddy from staying up past bedtime, Liam climbs onto my lap while I’m sitting on the floor. He gives me a monkey hug (with arms and legs) and says in a giggle, “I love you, Mom,” then he stands up and plants several of his signature wet kisses on my bald head. There are a little cool!

I bought firefighter and police tree ornaments for Liam and Will, respectively. While I was holding Liam’s – just about to put it on the tree, he screamed and I dropped the ornament, making a big chip in the firefighter hat. It’s now eternally marked with the volume of my three-year-old’s voice.

The goodnight conversation between Will and Bill. “I love you, Will.” “I love you more, Dad.” “I love you even more, Will.” “Dad, I love you so much my heart’s going to burst.”

Wishing you a holiday filled with heart-bursting love,