25% of chemo treatments are now done!

We are back home after a longer than expected visit to MGH -- 6 1/2 hours total appt time today. No major gliche, paperwork took a while to get from the oncologist's office to the infusion suite and without it, the meds remain under lock and key at the pharmacy. Then when the paperwork arrived, there was a typo. We ate lunch and I had a nap while it was all sorted out.

Again, I feel great! I feel so blessed to walk out of MGH, take a deep breath, and go get the boys. I'm a little anxious as I was for the first days after chemo last time. I wake up daily thinking, "How do I feel? Is anything different?" The anxiety of that train of thought is a little tiring, and hopefully will be less so after each treatment.

We are trick or treating tomorrow... I'll reveal my costume tomorrow... gotta get it all together yet!

Happy Halloween!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

:) Staying strong, Linda